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Signed paperback monster romance novella pack. You'll receive the signed book, a double-sided bookmark, a themed sticker, a little chili charm, and a postcard print.

Limited quantity. 

Free shipping (in US only)


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A Malicious Summer Vacation swag pack

  • Every day the monsters come through The Divide. For exactly six hours they have free rein before they're pulled back to their realm. For six hours, it's hell on earth.

    So make sure the correct symbols are carved deep into your threshold and every windowsill. Make sure you recharge them with a few drops of your blood at least once a month to keep the monsters out.

    And whatever you do, don’t go outside past curfew.





    It’s been a long time since I took a vacation, since I took time for myself. It’s nice to exercise on my schedule, to lay in the sun, to read a good book, to drink my favorite margaritas … and not think about … him.

    I didn’t expect to like this little town so much.

    And I certainly didn’t expect to tumble head first into a delicious man in a bookstore who turned out to be more than I bargained for.

    I’m drawn to him. I like him. But can I trust him? 



    I am immortal, powerful, and bored. A dangerous combination. 

    But something is going on in this small human town, something that’s breaking through my disinterest. For the first time in a long time, I feel alive, almost excited. 

    What I didn’t expect was to collide with an adorable human with a smile that captures my heart and a soul that calls to mine.

    My mate. 

    But can I protect her from the being even monsters fear?


  • Since this book is an ADULT fantasy romance, please be aware that it contains elements such as monsters, violence, swearing, stalking (and not the morally grey main character kind us dark romance readers like - this is real world stalking that’s creepy bordering on dangerous), blood, gore, being cut - on purpose and by accident, removal and consuming eyeballs, biting, claiming, and sexually explicit scenes … with monsters.

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