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Book three of Monsters of The Divide series


It’s been a long time since I took a vacation, since I took time for myself. It’s nice to exercise on my schedule, to lay in the sun, to read a good book, to drink my favorite margaritas … and not think about … him.

I didn’t expect to like this little town so much.

And I certainly didn’t expect to tumble head first into a delicious man in a bookstore who turned out to be more than I bargained for.

I’m drawn to him. I like him. But can I trust him? 



I am immortal, powerful, and bored. A dangerous combination. 

But something is going on in this small human town, something that’s breaking through my disinterest. For the first time in a long time, I feel alive, almost excited. 

What I didn’t expect was to collide with an adorable human with a smile that captures my heart and a soul that calls to mine.

My mate. 

But can I protect her from the being even monsters fear?

adult PNR, holiday novella, standalone, dual pov, monsters, magic, fated mates, MM romance, smut

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Book two of Monsters of The Divide series


I used to hunt the monsters that hunt us … that is until I lost everything. I hate the monsters. I hate the loneliness and heartache I live with every single day. But now there’s a monster made of starlight that is stalking me, watching me every night, protecting me. Why? I don’t need or want its help.

And why do I feel so drawn to it?



I’ve never been fond of the dull human realm. I prefer the realm of monsters where there is magic everywhere for the taking … if you’re strong enough. But ever since the night I scented him, I can’t stay away. I’m drawn to the human every night. I watch. I yearn for the impossible. I protect. 

Because the large male with the piercing blue eyes is mine.

adult PNR, holiday novella, standalone, dual pov, monsters, magic, fated mates, MM romance, smut

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Book one of Monsters of The Divide series


I know better than to go out so close to the fall of The Divide, and now I’m going to pay the price. I’m going to die, painfully and horribly, all because of a stupid glass unicorn.

Merry Christmas to me.


There’s a human outside of their protective barrier. Her fear is delicious. I’ve warned the other monsters - this one is mine to hunt. Mine to devour. Mine to destroy.


adult PNR, holiday novella, standalone, dual pov, monsters, magic, fated mates, FM romance, smut


Book three of Forsaken by the Gods series

Thaeia now knows who she is and what it means to have her power.

That truth has broken her. 

The darkness of her magic threatens to consume her in her grief and anger. She’s like a crashing wave of violence and rage. Her friends are unwavering in their support, but Thaeia fears even they may not be able to survive what she’s unleashed inside herself ...

Because now that she knows the truth, the only thing left is ... revenge.

Adult Fantasy, multipovs, magic, anime inspired, secrets, found family, FM & MM romance, spice, in KU.

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Book two of Forsaken by the Gods series

Thaeia is on the run. Someone with high political influence wants her dead—if only she knew who. Thaeia needs to unravels the many secrets of her past, of her mysterious “power”, of who she really is … but she fears the answers might not end the violence but instead doom them all. 

Adult Fantasy, multipovs, magic, anime inspired, secrets, found family, FM & MM romance, spice, in KU.

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Book one of Forsaken by the Gods series

Thaeia has no magic. The problem? Everyone else in the world does. Being different is not only hard & terrifying, but for Thaeia, it might be deadly. 

*Adult fantasy, dual POV, magic, anime inspired, secrets, second chance, FM & MM romance, spice, in KU. 

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Book two of Conquering Imoria's Magic Duology

The country is burning, but King Rydel doesn’t care. His heart is broken, his soul missing the piece that he tore out.

He needs to find a way to repair what was shattered between him and his best friend, his only love—only then will he be able to put the country back together under his rule. 

*DARK fantasy, viôlence, magic, found family, dual POV, second chance, MM romance, spice. In KU

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Book one of Conquering Imoria's Magic Duology

King Rydel is after the last piece of magic in the world, and nothing will stop his single-minded search … at least that’s what he thought until someone threatened the only person he cares about.

Now, he will gladly tear the country down to get his revenge.

*DARK fantasy, magic, found family, single POV, best friends to lovers, MM romance, spice. In KU 

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A spin-off novella of The Elemental

Tatha is a dragon. The human part of her is locked away and easily ignored. Until now. Tatha’s father has sent her to the king of the dragon shifters with a request, and she has to wear her human form to do so. 

She feels weak and slow, and her senses are muddled.

But what the king tells her nearly buckles her frail human legs … They’re mates. She is his.

*touch her & die, dragon shifters, dual pov, fated mates, magic, spice. In KU 

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Going home has never felt so WRONG

~after thousands of years in exile on earth, being hunted by a hired assassin, the fae princess returns to her home world to reclaim her throne. 

She expects danger but she’s ready, she’s strong—She’s had to be. 

Yet what she encounters might just shatter her soul. 

*standalone, Adult fantasy, fae, dragons, magic, dual pov, SLOW BURN, enemies to lovers, spice- in KU

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