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Conquering Imoria's Magic Duology

This duology is a DARK fantasy that has viôlence, magic, found family, single POV in the first book, and dual POV in the second book, second chance, best friends to lovers to enemies, to lovers. This does have some FM scenes, but the main romance is MM, and there is plenty of spice throughout.

Since this series is an ADULT fantasy, please be aware that these books contain elements of language, explicit sex, murder, graphic violence, sadism, physical & mental torture, drug use, and physical & emotional child abuse 

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Short Synopsis of book one: 

King Rydel is a bad man, but he’s more than happy to be the villain of everyone else’s story. Besides, he’s after the last piece of magic in the world and in this game, you won’t win by being nice. But when someone threatens the only person he cares about, he’ll gladly burn the country down to get his revenge—magic be damned. 

Short synopsis of book two: 

The country is burning, and King Rydel doesn’t care. His heart is broken, his soul missing the piece that he tore out.

He needs to find a way to repair what was shattered between him and his best friend, his only love—only then will he be able to put the country back together under his rule. 

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